Splurge VS Save | Home Decor

Splurge VS Save | Home Decor

  • Alida Crudo
  • 04/9/23

Save Vs SPlurge When Updating your Home


Whether you are updating your home to sell or simply updating your home because it seems out of date, it only takes a few key items to improve the look and feel of your home. 

Here are some general guidelines for what to save on/what to splurge on when updating your home:


💰 SPLURGE items when updating your home

1) Consider gradually investing in a few art statement pieces over the years.

2) You use kitchen cabinets daily, so invest in quality construction; they'll last a lifetime.

3) Nothing beats a high thread count! Everyone should own at least one pair of sheets that makes you feel like you're in a luxury hotel.

4) A quality couch fabric will save your life when a lousy stain spills on your new white sofa.

5) An oversized rug can help make your room feel bigger.


💰 SAVE items when updating your home

1) Seasonal decor, you're only using it for a few months, so this is an excellent area to cut back or even DIY.

2) Bathroom fixtures and finishings are easy to change when your bathroom needs an update, so don't go ultra-high-end.

3) Changing your curtains is a simple way to change the entire vibe of a room. 

4) Simple table lamps rarely make a statement, so save the big purchases for other home accents.

5) A good mirror doesn't need to be pricy, not when there are so many budget-friendly options available. 


Are there any splurge items that we missed? Let us know

Splurge VS Save | Home Decor
Splurge VS Save | Home Decor

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